When faced with the usurpations of the titanic type, a Demetrian race no longer has available the higher authority from above which is characteristic of solar man in order to reaffirm itself, and makes the violent and materializing forms of its adversary its own; it then marks out a new type, the Amazonian man. In the myth, the Amazon actually appears as the woman (lunar spirituality) who can no longer affirm herself against the abuses of man or, simply, up against man (Titanic spirituality), except by resorting to a mode of being that is just as masculine, diverging thereby from its original Demetrian nature. Briefly, it is a question of the usurpation of force on the part of degenerate lunar elements. More generally, the Amazonian man would be the type who remains lunar in essence, even if he asserts himself through the use of force, although the force is material, not spiritualized (as we will instead see to be the case for the heroic race). Thus, for example, as far as this rapprochement will seem paradoxical to some, there is an Amazonian phenomenon when a priestly caste challenges the secular power to impose dominion that can no longer be secured solely on the basis of its spiritual authority.

The myth shows us the contrast between the Amazons and both the Dionysian and heroic types. In the first case the defeated Amazons are brought back under the Demetrian law, that is, their normal mode of feminine-lunar being. In the second, their destruction gives rise to a new solar and masculine period. When one sees what the heroic type of race means in this context, everything will confirm the interpretation given. There could therefore be a certain relation between the Amazonian and the Titanic or Promethean man, since even the latter is characterized by the usurpation of a force which is not suitable to his own nature. However, in the case of the Amazonian man, it is a material force, while in the case of Titanism, it is instead a transcendent force, of which only the solar type can take possession without an abuse of power. This short note will suffice, since it is not difficult to deduce the different distinctive characteristics for the type of Amazonian race through transpositions in the various domains.